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A Father's Thoughts...

I'm not sure that we can generalise about our personal experience but...

There has not been a time in our relationship where I've felt more in love with, in awe of, attached to or inspired by my wife Sue than when she was birthing. I just cannot imagine not being there.

How could I have told my young daughter's (for the umpteenth time)last week when we were snuggled up together in our sleeping bags in a tent on an overnight hike about where they were conceived, about what we were doing during their gestation, about what happened when labour started. How Mum didn't want me to go canoeing with a friend when she knew Sarah was on the way and how Dad cried because he was so excited about Sarah being the first girl, about how I thought I'd have to carry Mum across to the hospital for Philly's birth, how she was the only one to come in the middle of the night. The special little things about their birth stories.

How strange it would seem to them if I hadn't been there when they were born, to share their first moments, to be able to (for the next 50 years) relive with them and Sue those special, momentous times in our lives. We laugh together, cry together, live together, love together, will die together, why wouldn't we birth together?

But maybe Sarah (age 11)should comment:
" I don't understand all dads strange words in this but Dad tells us lots of hilarious tales about when we are born and lots of other stories. That's one of the reasons he's a fabulous Dad!!!!!!!!!! If he wasn't with mum when we were born then we wouldn't know as much because Mum doesn't tell stories as funny as Dad does. My Dad is the best Dad a girl can want." From Sarah

Philly (age 9):
"I like to hear funny stories from Dad about when I was born!"

Sue: I have been silent through a lot of discussions on this channel, but have to comment on this topic. I agree with Tina about how some men may be scared for their partners when there is high medical intervention, but all I can say is that (having been present at a lot of births, including my four) men are extremely important to their partners (especially helping them to be strong when pressure is building to intervene in the transition stage when all is getting out of control) Personally, I believe that my husband was present at conception, and was extremely important at the birth of OUR children.
Sue and Dave

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