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Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Information

There is a wide variety of information available about Vaginal Birth After Caesarean.   Your decision about whether to plan a VBAC, or to choose a repeat caesarean section is a very personal one.   There are many reasons why women choose VBAC.  It is best to look at the information available, speak with your partner and your care provider and then make the decision that is right for you.  

Information from the Next Birth After Caesarean Clinic at King Edward Hospital in Perth is current and evidence-based.   It was written in 2008.  www.wnhs.health.wa.gov.au/health/VBAC/index.htm 

Childbirth Connection is an American not-for-profit organisation that has been providing information and advocacy since 1918.  Visit www.childbirthconnection.org   and click on  'VBAC or Repeat C-Section?' 

Other Useful Resources include:


Obstetric Guidelines:  You may wish to look at the following guidelines written for obstetricians.

1.  The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists UK Green Top Guidelines.   The Green Top Guidelines are adhered to by many Obstetric Colleges around the world.  They are written for public viewing and are easy to read.


2.  The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada


It is important to remember that every obstetrician will practice slightly differently.  You should discuss your birth plan with your obsetrician to make sure he/she understands your wishes. 

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