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How often do we, as women, wonder what our husband/partner is thinking about our plans for a caesarean/VBAC birth?

Do we discuss with them what they remember of the past experiences of birth, that we were both intrinsically involved in?

We choose our man to accompany us on our journey into parenthood, but we often don't truly 'involve' them in the thoughts, emotions, issues and worries that we encounter along the way.

What better way to understand our partners emotions surrounding these vital life experiences than through the words of men who have been 'there'. These Men's stories are also valuable to share with your partners, to let them know that they aren't alone in feeling as they do during this exciting phase in both your lives (the time of growing a family and birthing your children).

If you can coerce any male you know (yourself, if you're a guy?) into writing something about this, we would really appreciate, and honour all efforts we receive. The stories should focus on past birth experiences and impending caesarean/VBAC/EBAC issues.

*VBAC - Vaginal Birth After Caesarean
*EBAC - Empowered Birth After Caesarean

The Stories... If you can contribute, then please send your story by email to: convenor@birthrites.org

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