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Birthrites: Healing After Caesarean aims to provide a support network for women who've had a previous c/section(s), and to increase the awareness of these women's needs to their health-carers within the medical profession. We aim to do this by:  

  1. Providing telephone contacts - someone to talk to who knows what you've experienced, as they've had a c/section themselves.
  3. Monthly "Get-Togethers". Women can be around other like-minded women, given a chance to talk about their experience and hear other women's stories. Give and receive support from each other, over coffee. Often a midwife attends the meeting. Dates are on our calendar.
  5. To increase women's awareness of birth choices via a suggested reading list, the internet and by talking to health carers.
  7. To increase public, and medical, awareness of the increasing c/section rate and inform them of the safety of Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC), in most cases.
  9. To inform women of Birthrite's philosophy so they, in turn, can support and encourage other women in their search for a beautiful birth experience.
  11. To return some women's rituals to birth, whether that birth is a VBAC or a caesarean section (Empowered Birth After Caesarean - EBAC).    


In Dec'1997/Jan' 1998 Birthrites: Healing After Caesarean was set up.        We are a group of dedicated women committed to supporting women who've had a previous caesarean section/s, whether planned or unplanned, and informing them of their future birth choices/rights.
        It started with 7 committed core group members plus over 30 members in total and has now grown to an organisation of over 100 members. The core group meet monthly to discuss our goals and get things "happening" in a positive direction, for specific women's rights, within our local community.
        We provide an emotional and physical support network for all women who've had a previous c/section, and we lobby to reduce the c/section rate and increase public awareness of the safety of VBAC/EBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean/Empowered Birth After Caesarean), by promoting ourselves within the health community.
        Everyone is welcome to join Birthrites: Healing After Caesarean Inc, and if anyone has an urge to help with our core group they are encouraged to become involved.


"With knowledge we can make choices that lead to empowerment, and healing, through birth."
        Women should become informed enough to be able to make their own birth choices. The decision of whether to have a VBAC or a repeat c/section should not be made by their doctor or midwife.
        Women should be supported in their decision, and nurtured throughout their pregnancy towards a positive outcome for both mother and baby.
        Birth needs to be honoured as a sacred event, involving rituals and respect for the mother's birth choices, allowing it to become a healing experience.

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